2019 Swimming Gala

CRC Poolside Pavillion Sun, 21 Apr 03:00 pm - 07:00 pm

This year, the Swimming Gala was postponed from March to 21st April due to the maintenance work on the filters. It was a cloudy day but the event proceeded smoothly. There were around 70 participants in this event and we sincerely thank them for their support.

The event started around 3.15pm with the under-10 category at the children’s pool. 3 games were conducted – ‘Keep the Sponge Dry’, ‘Swimming Pool Scrabble’ and ‘Number Crunch’. The kids had a lot of fun and one of them even made a hilarious mistake due to the goggles he wore. As for the open-10 category, 4 games were played, mainly, ‘The Invisible Bottle’, ‘Water Dodge Ball’, ‘Carry the Eggs Across’ and ‘Tug of War’.

Same as previous year, kids and adults required to jump into the pool to collect the treasures. However, besides the cans and oranges, this year we threw shillings into the adult pool to let the Treasure Hunt more exciting. Mystery gifts were arranged for the members throughout the Treasure Hunt. Each item was label with numbers and by drawing lots of the items and numbers, we manage to have 8 lucky members who entitled for the mystery gift.

The event ended around 5.45pm. The members went back with bags of collections and laughter. The Organising Chairman, Ms. Sim Bee Lan hopes that there will be more members participating in this event next year.