Billiard Room

Operating Hours

11.00am – 10.00pm


(1) Operating Hours

  1. The operating hours of Snooker/Billiards Room are as follows: –

Mondays to Sundays – 11.00am to 10.00pm

(2) Bookings

  1. Booking of tables may be made in person at the Members Lounge or Club Office. Members making the bookings are required to produce their membership cards for identification and before they take up their booking on day of play.
  • If a member who has booked a table fails to turn up 10 minutes after the commencement of the period,the Club shall forfeit his booking with full payment and the remaining of the period may be re-allocated to another member waiting for the table at that time at full normal fees.
  • Cancellation of booking up to an hour before the time of play will be allowed. Failure to cancel this booking an hour before commencement of play or by not taking it up, the Club shall forfeit his normal booking fees with an additional penalty of the same amount after the 10 minutes grace period.
  • Members failing to take up their bookings on two consecutive sessions maybe barred from making further bookings.
  • Members are required to sign the booking chits before they play snooker/billiards.
  • Members are also required to give the names of playing partners, indicating whether they are members or guests.

(3) Charges

  1. The booking fee for each table shall be RM5.00 per hour subject to 6% SST.
  2. The Guest Fee for each entry shall be RM5.00 per hour subject to 6% SST.

(4) Children

  1. Children between 12 and 18 years of age who wish to make use of the billiards tables must get the consent of the parent or guardian who is also a member to sign an undertaking to pay for any damages that they may cause to the billiards table or equipment.
  • Children under 12 years of age are not permitted in the Billiards Room at any time.

(5) Guests

  1. Guests using these facilities may only do so in accordance with the Club’s Rule Book – Rule 21.
  • Guest must be accompanied by members at all times whilst in the Club premises.
  • The following penalties will be imposed on members who do not sign-in their guests using the Club Sports facilities.

1st Offence

  1. A fine equivalent to five times the amount of guest fee chargeable.

2nd Offence

  1. A fine equivalent to five times the amount of guest fee chargeable and
  2. A letter of warning from the General Committee.

3rd Offence

Disciplinary action to be taken as determined by the General Committee.

(6) Attire

  1. Persons in any wet attire are not permitted in the Snooker/Billiards Room.
  • Running shorts, V-shorts and singlet are not permitted in the Snooker/Billiards Room at all times.
  • Barefoot is strictly prohibited in the Snooker/Billiards Room.

(7) Prohibitions

  1. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the Snooker/Billiards Room.
  • No articles are to be placed on the snooker/billiards tables at any time.
  • The Club Staff shall have the right to advise a weaker player against playing on the Snooker/Billiards Table. In the event that the player insists on continuing the game and accidentally creates a cut on the cloth, the said player shall have to bear the cost of making good or replacement of the table cloth.

(8) Food

Only drinks and light snacks (as approved by the General Committee) may be consumed in the Snooker/Billiards Room.

(9) Damage to Property

  1. Any damage to the table or equipment will be charged to the account of the member responsible. Cost of damages will be decided by the General Committee.
  • Any member tearing the Snooker/Billiards Table Cloth shall bear the cost of replacing a new cloth as determined by the General Committee based on the life span of the cloth.


  • 桌球室使用时间
  1. 桌球室使用时间:-

星期一至星期日 – 早上11时至晚上10时

  • 预租
  1. 会员可亲自到会员休息室或本会办公室预订桌球室。会员必须提早一天预订并出示会员卡以识别身份。
  2. 若会员无法在预定时间内的10分钟到达现场,本会将不会退还预订费用而剩余的时间将以全额付费让下一位已预定的会员使用。
  3. 会员可以在预订时间的前一个小时取消预租。若无法在预订时间的前一个小时取消预租,本会将不会退还所支付的预订费用而在10分钟宽限时过后,须另支付额外同数额罚款。
  4. 连续两次无法兑现预订的会员将被列入黑名单及被禁止再做任何预租。
  5. 会员在进入桌球室前必须在预租本上签名。
  6. 会员必须提供使用者(如有)的名字,无论是会员或外宾。
  • 费用
  1. 每桌的预订费用是RM 5.00一个小时,须另付加  6%SST。
  2. 外宾费用是RM 5.00一个小时,须另付加 6%SST。
  • 孩童
  1. 年龄介于12至18岁的孩童必须在会员家长或监护人陪同下才允许进入桌球室。家长或监护人必须签署保障以支付孩童可能对桌球台或其他设备造成的损害。
  2. 12岁以下的孩童一律禁止进入桌球室。
  • 外宾
  1. 使用桌球室的外宾必须遵守本会规则手册 – 第21条规则。
  2. 外宾在本会范围内必须由会员陪同。
  3. 在未登记外宾资料的会员如携带外宾一起使用本会的设施将受到纪律处分。


  1. 必须支付五倍的外宾费用作为罚款。


  1. 必须支付五倍的外宾费用作为罚款及
  2. 理事会将发给违规者一封警告信。


  1. 理事会将采取纪律处分对付犯规会员。
  • 服饰
  1. 严禁穿着潮湿的服饰进入桌球室。
  2. 严禁穿着运动短裤、背心进入桌球室。
  3. 必须穿上鞋子才允许进入桌球室。
  • 禁止
  1. 严禁在桌球室内吸烟。
  2. 严禁放置或粘贴任何文章在桌球台上。
  3. 本会工作人员保留所有的权利不允许状况不适的使用者继续使用桌球室。若使用者坚持继续使用而导致桌球台损坏,使用者必须赔偿或更换新的桌球布。
  • 食物
  1. 只有饮料及小食(已被理事会批准)允许带入桌球室。
  • 资产损坏
  1. 桌球台或其他设备的损坏责任将一律归于预租的会员。损坏的赔偿金将由理事会决定。
  2. 理事会将依据桌球布的耐久度而决定损坏台球桌布的使用者必须赔偿的赔偿金。