2019 Karaoke Competition

CRC Function Hall @ Heritage Building Sun, 8 Dec - Sun, 8 Dec 03:00 pm - 08:00 pm

Rules & Regulations

  1. Competition is open to all CRC members age 12 and above.
  2. Registration fee of RM 20.00 nett is to be submitted upon registration. Fee is not refundable.
  3. Closing date for registration: 25.11.2019.
  4. Professional singers are not allowed to participate and champion of the previous year (2018) is not allow to participate.
  5. Judging/Scoring Standard
    • a. Rhythm/ Pitch/ Pronunciation               –              40
    • b. Emotional Play                                          –              40%
    • c. Stage Manners                                             –             20%
  6. Participating songs are of solo by nature, and is limited to only one song. Songs of various languages are welcomed such as: Mandarin, English, Malay, or any other dialects.
  7. Champion, Runner-up, Second Runner-up, 3 Special Awards, 5 Consolations, 1 Best Showmanship Award, 1 Best Costume Award will be awarded with trophy, cash prizes, and certificates.
  8. Participants must ensure any device that holds participating songs are in good condition. Name of participant, L/R Key (+/-) and number of song must be stated as well.
  9. Participations are required to register from 3.00pm – 3.30pm and they will draw for their own turn of performances. The competition will start at 4:00pm. Light refreshments will be served during the competition commences.
  10. The organiser will not accept any reason for lateness from participants. Late comers will strictly not be entertained.
  11. Participants are strictly not allowed to change your song after registration. Otherwise, you will be disqualified.
  12. Rules are subjected to changes by the organizer without prior notice if any.
  13. The judges’ decisions are final, any enquiries will not be entertained.


  1. 比赛公开予十二岁以上全体会员。
  2. 报名费 RM 20.00 须于报名时缴清。如退出比赛怒不退还。 
  3. 报名截止日期:25.11.2019
  4. 专业歌手和2018年冠军者禁止参加比赛(如以唱歌为职业及销售自制唱碟者)
  5. 评分标准:
    • 节奏/音准/咬词              40%
    • 感情发挥                            40%
    • 台风                                      20%
  6. 比赛歌曲属独唱性质,以一首为限。歌手可选唱:中,英,巫,或各种方言歌曲。
  7. 冠,亚,季军,三名特优奖,五名安慰奖,一名最佳台风奖,1名最佳服装奖的歌手,将获得奖杯,奖金,和奖状。
  8. 参赛歌手须确保其唱碟良好无碍,并在碟上著名姓名,L/R, Key (+/-) 及歌曲号码。   
  9. 参赛歌手须于当天下午3:00pm – 3:30pm报到及抽签以决定出场次序,比赛将于4:00pm正式开始。赛选手们将获得点心招待。
  10. 如参赛者开赛时未上场当弃权论,当局不接受任何迟到之理由。
  11. 歌曲选完后,不得临时更换,否则主办当局可取消参赛资格。   
  12. 倘若规则如有未尽善处,主办当局有权在未通知下增/删之。