2019 Educational Award

CRC Function Hall @ Heritage Building Sat, 14 Dec - Sat, 14 Dec 02:30 pm - 04:30 pm

Application forms for the award of incentives based on the academic achievement in the year 2017/2018 SPM/STPM/Diploma/Degree (Hons)/Master and Ph.D. results, are now available. Application with Statutory Declarations can be made on prescribed forms obtainable from the office during office hours with effect from 4th November 2019. The closing date for submission is on or before 23rd November 2019. Late submission will not be entertained.

Successful applicants will be notified. Presentation of awards will be held on Saturday, 14th December 2019. Registration starts at 2:30 PM and the award-giving ceremony will commence at 3:00 PM.

Cash incentives will depend on the number of applicants received for each category.


  1. Restricted to Principal Members with a minimum of three years membership.
  2. Recipient must be a member of Chinese Recreation Club.
  3. Principal Members must be of good standing.
  4. Applicants must possess the required qualification from recognised educational institutions.
  5. For all categories, please submit Result/Transcript & Certificate which are to be certified by the original school/college/CRC office staff. Please bring along the original copy.
  6. Those who have graduated in year 2018 but have yet to receive their certificate will have to apply the following year.
  7. Professional examinations such as ACCA, LAM, LJM, etc need not to apply.


  1. This fund is to assist needy and deserving members with a minimum of 8 years continuous membership, eligible under the following circumstances:
  2.  Principal Members/immediate family members who are in financial difficulties due to chronic/terminal illness.
  3. Recipient must be a member of Chinese Recreation Club
  4. Other deserving cases.
  5. Deserving staff who have served 6 years and above may apply.

Members applying for assistance are required to complete and submit the prescribed forms available at the office.



所有成功被录取者将获书面通知。颁奖礼订于2019年12月14日 (星期六) 下午三时正举行。登记时间为下午二时半开始。



  1. 仅限主要会员且必须成为会员至少三年。
  2. 接领者需是本会会员
  3. 主要会员许品行兼优。
  4. 申请者须具备由教育机构所批准的资格。
  5. 申请者须呈上成绩单和证书并由学校/学院/本会办公室职员进行认证。
  6. 于在2018年毕业但尚未获得证书的人可在下一年申请。
  7. ACCA, LAM, LJM, 等其他专业并不能申请。


  1. 此基金提供于有需要并拥有8年会员藉的本会会员: