2018 Karaoke Singing Competition

CRC Function Hall at Heritage Building Sun, 8 Jul 11:00 am - 04:00 pm

The Karaoke Contest was held on Sunday, 8th July 2018 at the CRC Heritage Function Hall.

There were total of 27 participants who turned up. The day started with the registration where contestants will have their turns decided by drawing lots. The first contestant was Celine Goh, who chose a Chinese song which kept the mesmerised audience from the beginning.

The champion of this Karaoke Contest is Mr.Soo Ghim Hai, followed by 1st Runner Up, Mr.Loh Kean Wei and 2nd Runner Up, Mr.James Ooi Oon Aun. CRC Congratulates all the contestants who managed to earn themselves a prize that day and other contestants for their hard work.

卡拉ok歌唱比赛在2018年7月8日(星期日)于本会古迹楼多用途礼堂举办,共有27为参赛者。当天的出场顺序将由抽签来决定。第一位上场的是本会羽球组主席的女儿,Celine Goh为大家带来于文文的《说散就散》。她的歌声一开口就惊动全场。