2020 Chinese New Year Celebration

CRC Restaurant Sun, 2 Feb - Sun, 2 Feb 12:00 pm - 02:00 pm

Conditions for Sale of Tickets

Sale of tickets will be on a first come first serve basis and the commencing date will be from Wednesday, 15th January 2020 onwards. Queue numbers will be issued at 10.00am. Thereafter, sale of tickets will be on the daily from Monday to Saturday, 10.00am to 5.00pm (except Sundays & Public Holidays). 餐券将於2020年1月15日, 星期三上午十时至下午五时开始售卖,而后每日由上午十时至下午五时至售完为止(星期日及公共假期除外),先到先得。排队号码将於当天上午十时开始发出.

Tickets for members can only be bought on production of membership cards and the ticket prices are as stated below. Membership cards are strictly non-transferable for others to purchase the tickets on member’s behalf. 会员购买餐券时须出示会员证,会员卡不可转让于其他人购票,票价如下:-

Category/类别 Price inclusive of 6% SST 票价 Lucky Draw 幸运抽奖餐券
Principal/Spouse/Junior Member
RM42.40 YES/有
Children Under-12/Facilities Pass Holder 12岁以下孩童/设备通用卡 RM42.40 NO/没有
Non-Member/Guest 非会员/宾客 RM63.60 NO/没有

A Principal Member is allowed to purchase extra tickets for his/her non-member spouse, guests and children under-12 to a maximum of one table (10 tickets) according to the prices above. 每名基本会员可为其非配偶会员,非儿童会员或宾客购买没有幸运抽奖的非会员票。每名基本会员最多只可购买十张餐券(一桌)。

All Sections’chairman must submit the list of names of their section members to the office for verification. Each section must purchase a minimum of 10 tickets per table; no individual tickets will be entertained. Should there be more than 10 section members, the remaining members will be seated with members of other sections. (Relevant forms will be prepared for each individual section). Late submission will not be entertained. 20 tables allocated for all sections on first come first serve basis. 各小组组长必须填妥小组会员名单并呈上办公室以便核对確认会员资料。小组必须购买至少十张(一桌)餐券,个人票将不受理, 倘若有剩余位置,将会被分配与另一小组坐在一起。(请到办公室领取相关表格)。逾期恕不受理。以先到先得的方式分配20桌给所有小组成员。

Members are required to produce their membership cards and tickets for verification upon entry on the 2nd February 2020. 会员须在2020年2月2日当晚出示会员卡以进行验证。

Tickets sold are strictly not exchangeable or refundable. 餐券一经售出恕不接受更换或退还。